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The Crown Card Connection exists to help create an increased interest in the hobby, facilitate discussions about the hobby, and connect collectors to one another. We aspire to create a top-tier community of collectors and assist by outputting inspiring and insightful material.

We encourage those of you that want to continue on this journey with us to follow these three steps: select, collect, and connect.


If you’re joining this hobby or someone who’s been casually collecting, the first tip that we’d offer is to select something specific to collect. In the past, it was possible to collect all types of products and players, but the hobby has grown significantly since then. Companies no longer produce just one or two types of cards like they used to; they each have a number of releases throughout the year.

We’d recommend selecting a niche, team, or even narrowing down your collection goals to a few particular players. As an example for a niche, you may choose to track down all of the Hall of Famers, the 2017 draft class, or European basketball players. Others might choose to focus on a favorite professional or university team. Some select just a few particular players to chase after in their venture. There obviously aren’t set rules to what you select, but narrowing your lens might allow you to see more progress or guide the products that you go after.


The next step is to begin to collect what you’ve set out to find. This is the very essence of the hobby. It’s the hunt and the challenge of accomplishing that which you’ve set out to do. In this collection process, you’ll likely find yourself trying to track down particular cards through buying packs, boxes, or even trying to find another that has the card you’re after.


As you set out on your journey, we’d love to be part of it! We’ll offer the basics of the hobby, helpful hints we’ve found along the way, insights on potential cards to be collecting, and more. Additionally, we’re wanting to connect collectors from all over, creating a community that inspires and aids one another in accomplishing goals.

Our Story:
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The Breaking Grounds

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