What to Buy During the Sports Lockdown

While there’s a level of fear and angst surrounding the economy due to the coronavirus, sports have been shut down which has caused an unfamiliar scenario in the sports card realm. All sports have a prolonged break in which they’re not playing, which has had a similar effect as an offseason would on card values. So, with that in mind – if you’re in a position to invest – who should you be buying?

Here are some quick thoughts on who we’re buying and some reasons behind the purchase:

Luka Doncic

If you have the money laying around and waiting to invest, Doncic is a prime target to go for amidst this time. Before the sports market started to take off at the end of February, Doncic Prizm PSA 10 rookie cards were floating around $300. On March 12th, the average sale had ballooned to over $540. Just a few days later, due to the effects of the coronavirus, the market settled back down to around $440. Now, you can probably find one for somewhere between $350-400 from the right seller.

Reasoning: Once Doncic steps back on the court, his prices will either immediately jump back to where they were or gradually make their return. For you, this could be an easy opportunity to make a strong return if you have the free cash.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had as much hype as any player in recent history as he stormed through the minor leagues. Last spring, his 2016 Bowman Chrome PSA 10 cards topped $200 as his debut was highly anticipated. After what was considered an underwhelming first year, the same card can be purchased for about a third of the price tag. Still too much? Check out the 2019 Topps Chrome rookie cards that are selling for around $30 for a PSA 10.

Reasoning: Guerrero Jr. has all the skills to succeed at the major league level. As the year begins, the hype train could take off and prices may never be as low as they are right now. At $30 for a PSA 10 rookie card, the investment risk is pretty low.

Baker Mayfield

After a breakout rookie campaign, Mayfield’s second year in the league under Freddie Kitchens left a lot to be desired. With a coaching change, added weapons, and another year of experience, Mayfield will have a chance to establish himself as a starter and possible star in the league. He’s a polarizing figure on the field and in the card market, but his prices make him worth looking at in our minds.

Reasoning: Mayfield’s card values were unbelievable during his rookie campaign, nearing the prices of Patrick Mahomes II. With Baker’s prices where they have been during the back half of the season and the offseason, any glimpse of hope will give him a boost. People have been very reactionary to Mayfield, meaning there’s great opportunity as the Browns had yet another strong offseason.


Whether you want to join us by putting your eggs in these three players’ baskets or not, the sports lockdown has provided a great opportunity for investors to get in at offseason-type prices. We’d recommend basketball players as the first investment because they will likely be the first to resume, followed by baseball and then football, but wanted to give one suggestion for each sport. Stay tuned as we continue to share more thoughts on who we’re investing in amidst the lockdown!

In our weekly Cards to Consider articles, we’ll offer our speculation of the card market by looking into various factors surrounding players from each sport. If you’d like to follow on Facebook or get these weekly articles to your inbox, we’d be happy to have you sign up and follow along!

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