Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo

Nobody in the collecting world will be more talked about or hyped than the two of these quarterbacks over the next week and a half.

That said, the best time to invest in them would’ve been before today.

For those coming late to the party, we’ll go ahead and provide some advice for now.

Patrick Mahomes

It’s easy to say that Mahomes is a great investment, but the price tag might give you some reservations. If you’re looking to get an Optic Rated Rookie card or Prizm silver rookie, you’ll encounter a price tag of $80-500 for a raw copy.

Mahomes rookie cards are some of the hottest items in the hobby. The Optics start around $80 while Prizms go anywhere between $175-400+.

If you’re a bigger hitter, then you’re looking at a price tag in the thousands for a rookie autograph of Mahomes.

Are people crazy to invest in Mahomes?

Barring any serious injury or setback, Mahomes seems to be an incredibly safe investment that will continue to boom in value. Some investors are even beginning to ask the question of Mahomes becoming the highest valued cards on the market by the end of his career!

Through two seasons since being a starter, Mahomes hasn’t disappointed. His stats are unbelievable, he’s now in a Super Bowl, has Andy Reid as a coach, and is playing in a pass-heavy era in which he may rewrite the record books.

Mahomes may be a suitable for those looking for a quick flip (if KC wins) and almost certainly for the long-term.

Our Advice: Buy Before the Game or Wait Until the Middle of the Offseason

Jimmy Garoppolo

Despite compiling a 21-5 record as a starter, Jimmy Garoppolo comes into this game as the lesser known quarterback. Because of that, he’s also perceived to be the riskier investment.

But also the much more affordable investment.

Garoppolo is 28 years old and has shown himself to be a winner. He had the benefit of learning behind Brady and the Patriots seemed reluctant to trade him a couple of years ago. Partnered with Kyle Shanahan, a great run game, and dominant defense, Garoppolo is poised for a strong few years regardless of what happens in the big game.

All that, in addition to leading his team to the Super Bowl in his first full season as a starting quarterback, leads us to believe that Garoppolo is worth the investment, even if the 49ers were to lose in the Super Bowl. If the 49ers go on to win, prices will rise quickly and may never again be as low as they are now.

Our Advice: Buy Before the Game

In sum, we think that both of the quarterbacks of this game are strong investment options. Both guys are early in their careers and have lots of potential to continue growing their card values over the coming years. Plus, winning a Super Bowl wouldn’t hurt either of these guys.

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