A Year in Review

2019 is in the books and so is our first year of our blog. While we weren’t able to do as many posts as we would have liked, we hope that 2020 will be a year full of connecting collectors to breakers, other collectors, and the cards their wanting to find.

Before we get started with cards to consider for 2020, we wanted to do a quick analysis of our 2019 advice. Our cards to consider (and advice) were as follows:

Josh Rosen


We don’t need to say a whole lot about this one. It seemed as if the Arizona Cardinals was the worst place for Rosen to be and any place would be an upgrade.

Outside of a quick window when Rosen was first traded, you probably aren’t cashing in on those Rosens that you bought. There may be another opportunity for Rosen outside of Miami in the future, giving possibility that you may be able to break even or even make a little money on those investments.

Kyler Murray (and other draft picks)

The thought behind the riskiness of Murray and other draft picks was more of a timing piece than anything. Murray had a fine rookie year, but the value of his first card was significantly higher than what you can get it for now. The hype of a top draft pick can be hard to value and everyone is rushing to get them off the bat.

Saquon Barkley

As we anticipated, Saquon values dropped a bit throughout the course of the year. A lackluster offense and injury didn’t help, but running backs always have a hard time holding value compared to quarterbacks.

Jared Goff

If you stocked up on Jared Goff cards after the Super Bowl, you were probably hoping for another regular season like the 2018 season.

So were we.

Goff had a decent season, but nothing to write home about. His values are still a little north of where they were when we bought in and should bounce back with a better 2020 campaign.

Michael Porter Jr.

The investment in Porter finally paid off!

Then he didn’t play much for several more games. But he’s back! Or is he?

Porter has all the potential in the world and is simply waiting for his opportunity on a loaded, playoff caliber team. Coach Malone knows how gifted MPJ is, but doesn’t always feel that he can lend the time to develop him. Sell after a strong game or hold for the long haul, the MPJ train is starting to roll.

Jarrett Stidham

With Brady potentially done in New England, the offseason will be full of speculation. Who will be the Patriots starting QB for the future? Is it Stidham or is it someone else?

If you stocked up on Stidham like we suggested, this offseason might be a good time to hedge your bet and sell off a handful of them while the speculation is underway. If he’s the guy, his values will continue to rise even more, but you’ll have to decide how much risk you want to take on.

Backup Quarterbacks

Many backups had opportunities to shine in the 2019 season and took advantage.. for a little while. Mason Rudolph, David Blough, and Kyle Allen all shined when they got their chance, but quickly faded into backups once again. If you were able to buy quick, you might have been able to make a quick buck. As we suggested, it’s generally best to just wait – not every backup QB is named Tom Brady.

Sacramento Kings

We’re not far out from our holiday post, but the Kings are finally getting healthy. Fox and Bagley are both back in the starting lineup after various injuries and should continue to gain traction in the collecting world. Giles is getting some minutes despite the Kings deciding against his option next year and has shown flashes of the talent that he came in as. Continue to keep an eye on these Kings in 2020.

Moving into 2020, we hope that you’ll continue to follow along as we continue to look at hot cards in the card world. If you haven’t done so already, feel free to subscribe to our email list and Facebook page for updates and promotions!

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