‘Tis the Season

Football is back and, after a longer-than-expected hiatus, we are too.

With the football season underway, there are several things that we quickly take note of in the card-collecting world. Today, we’ll take a look at one of the biggest things that might be helpful to be aware of for the remainder of the season.

The Year of the Backup

It’s no secret that quarterbacks have been dropping like flies this season. Brees. Roethlisberger. Foles. Darnold. Siemian. Newton. Luck.

Each of these have resulted in a replacement quarterback taking the stage for a temporary (or more permanent) amount of time. This unexpected result has shaken the card-collecting world as the likes of Rudolph and Minshew have stepped in and shined in their debuts.

The values of both of these quarterbacks (and others) ballooned after a strong first showing. A Rudolph card that I purchased for just $24 last year was receiving offers of well over $100. Likewise, the Minshew’s that were selling incredibly cheap before the season are now pushing $100 each.

Rudolph values have already ballooned and dropped in just a couple weeks on the field.

While it’s easy to think that these values will only continue to go up, it might be well-advised to take the money and run. With a decent showing at the 49ers – 2 touchdowns and an interception in the loss – Rudolph’s hype has already diminished. If you were to have bought a Rudolph rookie autograph before his game with the 49ers, you may have already lost more than 20% of the value if you sold today. Minshew and Allen are still on top of the wave, so it might be worth considering a sale unless you personally collect them or you’re convinced that they’re the next Brady or Brees.


To summarize the quarterback frenzy that’s happening, it seems that the collecting world can be compared to the stock market. Values are like waves, they go up and down depending upon the weekly performance of players. In regards to the backups who are taking the stage, we’d say that you either need to beat the rush and take a risk upon their entry or wait until the first wave of hype has passed. If you don’t, you’ll pay a premium for an unproven player. The result could be just like a stock without any track record – a great success or a major failure.

Our Advice: Buy Early or Be Patient (wait until the hype subsides)

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