Stock up on Stidham? Three Reasons to Take the Risk

Even if you’re reading this the moment it was released, you’ve likely missed out on some of the lowest prices that you’ll see Jarrett Stidham cards sell for. Why is a fourth-round pick selling for first-round prices? Why are we suggesting it’s still worth the risk?

Reason 1: The New England Patriots

You probably don’t need to look any further than this.

Really, though, being drafted by the New England Patriots instantly caused the majority of Jarrett Stidham listings on eBay to be sold. Price didn’t really matter.

Why? Everyone is anticipating the benefit of learning behind Tom Brady and becoming the heir to the throne of greatness. The same happened last year for seventh-round pick, Danny Etling.

Reason 2: The Potential Steal of the Draft

While Auburn had an eight win season that didn’t live up to the hype of the preseason, Jarrett Stidham ended up taking the bulk of the blame. Sure, Stidham didn’t have the season that he was hoping, but there was more to it than pointing at the quarterback. (While not as blatant, it has some semblance of the Josh Rosen scenario in Arizona.)

Despite last season’s output, former Patriots scout Jim Nagy was extremely high on the Auburn product, labeling Stidham as the top offensive player at the Senior Bowl. He took it a step further by stating that Stidham had the best mechanics of any quarterback in this year’s draft class. Don’t forget that Stidham was the second-ranked dual threat quarterback in his class coming out of high school – only behind… you guessed it, Kyler Murray.

In April, the Patriots took the quarterback off the draft board with the 133rd pick. Could the Patriots really have found their quarterback of the future that late in the draft? We won’t take the leap and call him the next Tom Brady, but it seems like the Patriots know what they’re doing.

Reason 3: He Hasn’t Been Named the Backup… Yet

As the offseason continues to progress, the battle for the coveted backup spot will carry on. Right now, the Patriots have four quarterbacks on their roster – Brady, Brian Hoyer, Danny Etling, and Stidham. One of these guys will almost certainly be cut by the time the 53-man roster is formed. If they like Stidham enough, the Patriots might do away with both Hoyer and Etling. Regardless of the cuts that are made this offseason, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before Stidham will be named Tom Brady’s backup.

So, why should you buy now?

There’s still some risk involved, but, at this point, it’s not all that much. Collectors swarm to buy the cards of whatever young player is backing up Brady because of the potential that lies within. That alone will allow value to stay steady and slowly grow over time.

One of these days, Tom Brady will retire. At that point, whenever it is, the new starting quarterback for the New England Patriots will have a significant jump in value. Stidham seems like he could potentially be that guy for the Patriots as he was coined with second-round value and will have time to learn from Brady.

It’ll be important to stay updated on the team’s moves, but the market to buy Stidham cards is as low right now as it may ever be – and minimally until he’s named a starter or cut from the team. While there is risk involved with buying Stidham, there’s lots of opportunity there as well.

Don’t go snatching up every card at any price you can find, but, if you see reasonably priced cards, we’d say he’s worth the risk.

Our Advice: Buy Low

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