Brooklyn Breakers

This week, we got to catch up with Ryan from Brooklyn Breakers!

Breaker Background

Brooklyn Breakers was started by Ryan Levy and is based out of Brooklyn, NY. The company’s goal is to offer affordable card breaks while offering giveaways, entertainment, and community in the meantime. They offer weekly breaks that can be easily found on their website.

When did you start collecting and breaking?

Ryan’s not new to the hobby, having collected for the last 17 years! After participating in breaks for about 4 years, he made the call to start his own company. Out of that decision and ambition, Brooklyn Breakers was born. For the last 9 months, Brooklyn Breakers has been busting open cases of all the or sports.

What’s been the best card pulled by Brooklyn Breakers?

Just a few weeks ago, Brooklyn Breaks pulled a National Treasures autograph of Tom Brady! Can’t get any better than the GOAT.

What makes Brooklyn Breakers different from other breakers?
Two things about Brooklyn Breakers struck us as we were talking with Ryan. The first thing that jumped off the page was the desire that they have to get to know their customers.

The other thing that communicated their customer care was the skunk-free policy that they have. From autographed jerseys to mini helmets, they’re striving to give customers a great opportunity to receive products they enjoy.

Do you have any breaks or promotions upcoming?

Yes, Brooklyn Breakers has breaks every Sunday night, starting at 8 PM Eastern Time. As you check out their breaks, you’ll notice they have some options on their website and others on their eBay store. Even within these breaks, you’ll see some variety on how they’re divided up – some being by team while others are by jersey number. This gives different opportunities for collectors to jump into breaks!

Brooklyn Breakers is working with us to run a couple of promotions as well. The first offer is for first-time customers at Brooklyn Breakers. By using the code “Crownconnection”, you can receive $5 off your first break upon checkout.

We’re also excited to announce that we’re partnering together to give away a Mark Ingram autographed jersey (a Leaf product) to one of our lucky subscribers! If you haven’t already subscribed, we’d encourage you to sign up so you don’t miss out on this opportunity and more in the future.

A Final Note from Crown

Brooklyn Breakers may be relatively new to the breaking scene, but they have all the makings of a strong company for years to come. Their focus on the customer, giveaways, and ability to form community are all great reasons to check out Brooklyn Breakers. We enjoyed catching up with them, check them out!

Each week on “The Breaking Grounds”, we’ll attempt to connect breakers and collectors by sharing background, upcoming breaks, and offering promotions. Make sure that you don’t miss out by signing up for our email updates. To view other breakers who have been featured on Crown Card Connection, click here.

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