Injury-Prone or Injured Pro? Our Thoughts on Michael Porter Jr.

A highly touted prospect coming out of high school, Porter was heavily recruited by top programs. After electing to play at the University of Missouri, the buzz around the home-grown Porter heightened. A university that had been struggling with enrollment as well as in sports since joining the SEC had found hope.

Within the first two minutes of the college basketball season, that hope was deflated. Porter suffered an injury that jeopardized his college career. After sitting out the duration of the regular season, Porter opted to play in the tournament games.

But he wasn’t himself. He wasn’t the explosive player that the crowds had watched in his high school days. He wasn’t the program-changer that had been anticipated.

He was still injured.

Porter autographs can be found for as little as $10.

Despite sitting out most of his lone season at Missouri, Porter declared for the NBA. Even after sitting out the season, he was projected as a top-5 pick. Shockingly, Porter fell to the fourteenth spot, landing him in Denver. The organization was thrilled as they believed Porter would be able to get back to his high caliber play.

Here we are, the NBA season winding down, and we’re yet to see Porter suit up. How should we view Porter?

Because the hype around Porter has been forgotten (or scared off by injury), collectors haven’t swarmed to pick up his cards. The value attributed to Porter is well lower than the likes of the other top picks, especially those that have the potential to be stars.

Let us be the ones to remind you that he was an undisputed top pick before his back injury. He was the talk of the basketball world just two years ago, being named Mr. Basketball USA.

We get it – injuries are one of the biggest factors in ending players’ careers. There’s a possibility that could be the case for Porter – injury prone. That said, the Denver Nuggets organization has shared nothing but excitement for the young player’s future. Furthermore, Porter wanted to start the 2018 season with the Nuggets, but they decided to patiently wait for their reward and make sure he was completely healthy before unveiling the talent.

We’re opting to share the Nuggets’ excitement. We’ll take the “injured pro” option over the “injury-prone” because of the potential return alone. Porter has a shot to be a Hall of Famer and is selling at unbelievably low prices. At a price tag as low as $10 for some of his rookie autographs, we’d encourage you not to miss your opportunity with this low-end investment. Snag a Porter or two before he makes his NBA debut, which will likely elevate his prices to new levels.

Our advice: Buy low

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