Four Reasons Jared Goff is Worth Adding to Your Collection

Bust? Superstar? System QB?

All three have been used to describe Jared Goff at points in his career, so what should you do with Jared Goff as a collector?

We’re adding a lot of Goffs, and, today, we’ll offer four reasons why:

Reason 1: Values are low after a poor Super Bowl performance

When you think of a quarterback coming of an MVP-caliber season, you wouldn’t think that card values would be low enough to take a risk on. Interestingly, that’s the case for Jared Goff. For some reason, Goff’s Super Bowl performance (or lack thereof) has caused people to run from him.

Yes, Goff’s play was poor in the last game of the year. So was the offense as a whole. You could actually say the same for Tom Brady, but all was erased when the Patriots pulled out a victory.

For most of the offseason, Goff values have nearly been cut in half from where they were for the majority of the 2018 season.

Reason 2: No one has been sold on Goff as a QB

Correction: No one has been sold on Goff, except for us at Crown Card Connection.

Goff hasn’t received the hype of other top picks.

Investors have never seemed to be big on Goff, which kept the prices on his cards reasonable even before the Super Bowl flop. Despite being drafted first overall in 2016, Goff hasn’t been thought to be the next superstar quarterback by most, making him a low-risk investment with the potential of a great return.

With the news of Todd Gurley having continued knee issues, collectors are even more hesitant to hang onto Goff cards. This means you can get a steal of a deal during this offseason. Even if Gurley doesn’t return as himself, we can confidently consider Goff to have another strong year at quarterback in 2019.

We know that Goff misses some reads that he shouldn’t. He under-throws open targets at times. He might not carry himself the way a Baker Mayfield or Patrick Mahomes does. Those things haven’t changed our minds – Jared Goff can play.

Reason 3: He’s a young, capable QB in a contract year

Call him a system quarterback if you want, but Jared Goff has shown he’s capable of producing over the past couple of seasons. He’s thrown 60 touchdown passes over the past two years and has also compiled 24 wins in that time. Not to mention that Super Bowl appearance.

Seems like a pretty strong resume for a third year quarterback.

As Goff enters into this contract year, we can anticipate continued improvement and comfortability as he works with Sean McVay. Some might suggest the added bonus of the contract year phenomenon, which doesn’t hurt our cause here.

Reason 4: The potential of solidifying himself as a superstar

We know that we’re not the mainstream on Goff right now, but there’s opportunity to invest before Goff could change the minds of trendsetters in the industry.

If Goff can produce as he has the last two years, he’ll change the minds of critics.

Mahomes and Mayfield have seemingly taken over the hype of collecting world as the next Tom Brady or legendary quarterback. While there’s much to be excited about with those guys, Goff can hold his own.

If Goff can perform in a similar fashion to the way that he did last year, there’s much reason to believe that he will start to gain the reputation and hype that the other young guns have produced. This increase in attention and continued success by Goff will wind up boosting his card value’s significantly.


All we’re saying is that you can pick up a Jared Goff autographed card for less than you’d pay for Madden 2019. That’s significantly lower than the likes of other young quarterbacks who haven’t had significant playing time, produced like Goff, or made a Super Bowl appearance.

At least consider the opportunity that the naysayers are leaving on the table. And fortunately for you, there’s still time to get in low before the new season.

Even if you decide that you want out as the season gets nearer, prices will continue to rise in our estimation.

Our advice: Buy Low

Discussion: What’s your take on Jared Goff – fluke, system QB, or the real deal?

In our weekly Cards to Consider articles, we’ll offer our speculation of the card market by looking into various factors surrounding players from each sport. If you’d like these weekly articles to your inbox, we’d be happy to have you sign up and follow along!

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