PA Sports Cards

Managed by Kevin King and based out of Butler, Pennsylvania, PA Sports Cards joined the breaking world at the end of 2018. Since their origins in December, PA Sports Cards has offered a variety of football products to their customers and allows for the customers to have influence in deciding the products of upcoming breaks.

When did you start collecting and breaking?

Kevin actually started collecting cards just a couple of years ago. After participating in a number of breaks and growing in his love for the hobby, he decided that he wanted to give being a breaker a shot. Before long, Kevin had gone from watching breaks on Instagram to running PA Sports Cards.

What is your favorite product to break?

National Treasures Football is far and away Kevin’s favorite product to break. The product is loaded as it offers six hits and one base, insert, or parallel. He enjoys being able to put great cards in the mailbox of customers through these types of breaks!

What’s the top hit you’ve pulled?

The best card that Kevin has hit was a Triple Patch Auto Relic of Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, and Mitch Trubisky numbered to 5. PA Sports Cards is pulling some heat!

Do you have any upcoming breaks or promotions?

Yes, PA Sports Cards is excited to announce their 8 box NFL mixer of 2019 Prizm Draft Picks and Contenders Draft Picks. They will continue to unveil their breaks as the week continues. For first time customers, PA Sports Cards will cut $5 off your purchase when you mention Crown Card Connection.

A Final Note from Crown

PA Sports Cards is a newer group in the card industry, but they have lots to offer for football collectors. Kevin is open to hearing what his customers are interested in, whether that’s cases or mixers, making PA Sports Cards a great place to break! Check out PA Sports Cards and join the group to follow along with this growing community.

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