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We had the opportunity to catch up with Jesse and Jason from Rip City Cards this week, so our first ever feature on The Breaking Grounds is a two-for-one special!

Company Background

Despite their start in 2015, Jason and Jesse don’t feel like they’ve been in the industry that long. Their booming card business would suggest otherwise though, offering nightly breaks across each of the major sports.

When did you start collecting and breaking?

Interestingly, Jesse hasn’t ever been much of a card collector, but Jason has been collecting since the mid-80s and remembers grabbing packs with his cousins during each grocery store visit. Each of them had humble beginnings in their pathway to breaking, starting as card sorters and eventually being offered the opportunity to go online with some breaks.

What is your favorite product to break?

Jason always has and always will enjoying breaking Bowman products. He attributed his love for Bowman to the potential that lies within each of the sets. When the case is released, many of the players are unknown, but the gems reveal themselves later on down the road.

Jesse enjoys breaking anything, but said he prefers basketball products to the others. His favorites are the National Treasures and Flawless cases because of the hits that are found within.

What’s the top hit you’ve pulled?

Both Jason and Jesse considered their top hits to be from their National Treasure baseball breaks. For Jason, it was a one-of-one Honus Wagner game-used bat barrel. Jesse’s most memorable was the Joe DiMaggio cut-auto booklet that he pulled.

I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly be thrilled to own either of those!

What makes Rip City different from other breakers?

When I asked these guys this question, they pointed directly to the community that has been building over the past several years during their nightly breaks. In the words of Jason, “A lot of people have made lifelong friends just from hanging out with us while we play with sports cards.”

That statement alone indicates a lot about who these guys are. Jason and Jesse are pulling lots of monster hits each week, but have proven to show great customer service and facilitation that continues to bring customers back.

Do you have any upcoming breaks or promotions?

Rip City Cards has a number of breaks up on their page right now, including 2019 Bowman Baseball, 2018 Flawless Football, and 2018-19 National Treasures Basketball. You can also see what they have to offer on eBay.

Rip City Cards is offering a $15 discount to new customers on their first purchase of $25 or more! To get the code, you can register for one of their accounts and send the confirmation to (this discount is redeemable only through their webpage, not for eBay purchases).

We’re not done with special offers yet though!

In partnership with Crown Card Connection, Rip City Cards has agreed to offer an exclusive giveaway to a lucky Crown subscriber on April 26th. Subscribe with us for your opportunity to win and receive future updates and discounts from Crown!

A Final Note from Crown

It was a joy to get to catch up with the breakers behind Rip City Cards. If you haven’t done a break with them yet, be sure to utilize this opportunity. You won’t regret it!

On behalf of Crown Card Connection and our subscribers, we’d like to thank Jesse, Jason, and Rip City Cards for your time, for sharing, and for your special offer for our readers!

Each week on “The Breaking Grounds”, we’ll attempt to connect breakers and collectors by sharing background, upcoming breaks, and offering promotions. To view other breakers who have been featured on Crown Card Connection, click here.

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