Three Reasons to Buy Low on Josh Rosen

A quarterback coming off a rookie season like Rosen isn’t going have people running to pick up his cards. With a QBR in the bottom five of the league, many would think that Rosen would be one to sell while they can or stay away from because he could be on his way out.

Although some may speculate that Rosen is the new version of Matt Leinart, who was a first round bust that was quickly forgotten in Arizona, we’d propose a different outlook for him.

Rosen deserves a restart in everyone’s mind.

On what basis do we make that suggestion?

We could go into all sorts of statistics and facts detailing the cast that put together one of the worst outputs in the history of the game, but we’ll let you look at other sources if you want more info on that.

Reason #1: Rosen’s value is significantly lower than other rookie QBs

Go take a look at what Rosen cards have been selling for.

Rated Rookies of Rosen are a fraction of the cost of the others

Go on, do it.

Rosen rookies and autos are significantly lower priced than any of the other rookie QBs. Now, think of the other QBs in last year’s draft class. You have Baker, Darnold, Allen, and Jackson that highlighted the 2018 QB class along with Rosen. Baker was far and away the best in his debut season, but the hype remains around Darnold, Allen, and Jackson. For some reason, Rosen hasn’t been given the same optimistic outlook, which is surprising given his pre-draft status as the most pro-ready quarterback of the strong 2018 class.

Reason #2: The uncertainty of Rosen’s future with the Cardinals

With the Cardinals holding the top pick in this year’s draft, there’s been much talk in regards to the team selecting Kyler Murray. Despite the “uncertainty” of Rosen’s future, we can be confident in one of two possibilities: he’s kept or he’s traded.

Rosen kept in Arizona: This option indicates the team is committed to him and that they believe he could thrive in their tempo offense under Kliff Kingsbury. We’re predicting that this would result in a rise in Rosen value as the season nears and excitement continues to build. From there, value would then be dependent upon his 2019 output, which could skyrocket, steady, or plummet.

Rosen traded out of Arizona: This option ends up offering a couple different scenarios. If traded, Rosen would get a change of scenery, a stronger cast, and he may even get the benefit of sitting behind the likes of Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, or Tom Brady.

Imagine Rosen getting traded to the Patriots on draft day – his value would at least double immediately. If you don’t believe us, just try and find a Danny Etling (ever heard of him?) for a reasonable price.

We speculate that trades to the Giants or Chargers would also inspire prices to rise as Rosen would get mentoring from a borderline HOFer in either Rivers or Manning. Both of these options would lend themselves to Rosen spending a little time sitting, meaning his value would increase and steady for however long he’d be waiting his turn.

We estimate that other landing spots, such as Washington, would result in a similar scenario to staying in Arizona. You get the benefit of a new fan base, the excitement of a restart, and an immediate opportunity for Rosen to play.

Regardless of where he ends up, we believe Rosen’s value will jump rather than dip. In some of the potential scenarios, the value solely increases because of who he is around. We anticipate the immediacy and duration of his rising values to be dependent on the scenario and the 2019 season.

Reason #3: A down draft class in 2019

It’s not often that teams are already preparing for the next year’s draft before the current one has passed. Whether that’s signaling the strength of the 2020 class or the weakness of the current one isn’t certain, but the Tank for Tua campaigns have already begun.

Josh Rosen has been the talk of the offseason.

A year’s worth of time and development should encourage a QB-needy team like Miami to draft a quarterback to begin the rebuild process. Unless, of course, they believe that they’d be better off waiting than trying to work with one of the available prospects. And, interestingly, it seems that’s what they will do.

Sure, there’s Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, and Drew Lock, but the word has constantly been that the 2019 QB class is lacking. It’s lacking so much so that teams are convinced that Rosen is a better option than any of the available picks (not to mention that they may be able to get him for a cheaper price).

All this to say, if the 2019 class is as disappointing as it’s been made out to be, then Rosen may be the buzz of the offseason and, therefore, generate a higher value in the collecting world.

Our advice: Buy Low (and fast)

Discussion: What’s your take on Rosen, his cards’ values, and his future in the league?

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