Buying Options: A Whole New World

Last time, we checked out the great debate in the card world of buying retail or hobby. If you missed that article, you can find it here. Today, we’re going to take a look at yet another realm that has grabbed buyers’ attention: online buying.

If you’re interested in any or several of these options that we’ve discussed and would like to know more, feel free to comment on this thread or contact us directly at This article will be an overview because there’s so much to cover. With our “Mid Week Break” posts, you can learn more about the hot new trend of online case breaks.

Online Buying

The online market for the hobby has been the biggest development over the years and has changed the face of collecting. While there are still opportunities to buy packs and boxes online, collectors can now elect to just buy their team or player in various ways. This has also given buyers access to cards from all over the world, which has been impactful in the hobby shifting from sets of cards to singles.

eBay (and other similar sites)

When eBay came around, the hobby instantly changed. Buyers and sellers could connect from all over the globe. Most are familiar with the eBay format, but, for those who aren’t, it offers auctions, immediate buying options, and even the opportunity to make offers to sellers on their products. The benefit of this option is that you can get exactly what you’re looking for without having to risk buying packs and boxes and coming out empty-handed. With that said, you’ll also pay the going rate for whatever item you’re looking to get and will have to pay a shipping fee on most items as well. For this reason, eBay is a strong option for looking for autographed or higher value cards, but isn’t as strategic for those who are looking for more common cards. is a website dedicated to buying and selling cards. It’s biggest pro: reduced shipping costs. This method of collecting allows users to create a profile, buy from an online database of cards held in a warehouse, and request their shipment when they’ve selected all the items that they are wanting. Because of the ability to combine shipping, this option can be more strategic for those who are looking to finish their sets or collect some lower value items.

Box/Case Breaks

Another major online market is in the realm of box breaks. In this format, a buyer can pay for a single team (some breakers offer single players or numbers instead) in the break. These breaks may consist of a single box, a mixture of various products, or even a case of a product. Once filled, the breaker will stream the opening of the boxes live, so you can see everything that you will receive. Personally, I enjoy the opportunity to get some cards that I like, but also see the cards that others are getting as well. These breaks typically have a community feel, which heightens the thrill of hitting something big.

In regards to collecting, the advantage of these breaks is that you can collect your favorite team or player and have a shot at more hits at a much more affordable rate than buying all those boxes on your own! These breaks have become incredibly popular in recent years because of the lowered risk and potentially great reward. In the coming weeks, we will highlight some popular options and some up-and-comers that you can begin to check out and become part of that community.

Discussion: Have you ever participated in a box or case break? Which breaker did you use? Do you have a favorite breaking memory?

We know that there are many elements to the card hobby. Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing it for years, we’ll do our best to help you better understand the ins and outs of collecting. If you’d like to receive our updates, we’d be happy to have you join us on this journey!

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